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Acupuncture is a vital part of traditional Chinese medicine & has been practiced to treat various disease & symptoms for more than 3500 years. Acupuncture has a wide range of applications from prevention to curative. WHO has endorsed acupuncture as an effective form of therapy for various diseases.

Acupuncture is a Chinese treatment modality in which treatment of various diseases is carried out by inserting various very fine needles into specific meridian point in the body. The traditional Chinese philosophy says that there is an energy flow within every living being that makes life possible, it is called Qi(chi). This energy runs in a particular channel through the body called meridian. The acupuncture points are located superficially along there meridians.

The traditional theory believes that cause of the disease is disturbance or imbalance between the Chi (Q) , or when the Chi is blocked in these meridians, the acupuncture treatment achieves its curative effect by removing the obstruction in the Chi & by cleaning the flow of Chi , once the balance is restored the person becomes healthy.

The Modern theory believes that acupuncture has 5 kinds of effects namely

  • 1. ANALESIC (Pain Relieving) which is achieved by raising the pain threshold.
  • 2. Sedative : It has been shown that there has been decrease in delta & the wave activity on EEG during acupuncture treatment. These effect are utilized in the acupuncture treatment of insomnia, addiction, & epilepsy
  • 3. Homeostatic/ Regulatory : Due to this effect the internal environment of the body is adjusted towards a state of normal balance. There are numerous Homeostatic mechanism in the body for regulatory the respiration heart rate, blood pressure, urinary excretion , metabolic rate, sweat, temperature, ionic balance & Many other vital parameters. These mechanism are seriously deranged in many disease in such case acupuncture has been helpful.
  • 4. Immune Enhancing Effect : Through this effect the body's resistance to disease is strengthened. This has been shown due to an increase in white blood corpuscles. Which increase the immunise power of the body .Therefore acupuncture is very helpful in combating infections.
  • 5. Anti- Inflammatory/ Anti-Allergic : This effect is due to psychological effect which is calmly tranquilizing. This is believed due to an action in brain for instance, there is an increase in the dopamine content of Brain after acupuncture account for its effectiveness in treatment of patients.

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